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From the Beginning.

It’s amazing if a human being is given a chance, what they can accomplish. Look at what happened to Henry Lee Lucus in prison after he was born again. He became a model prisoner and the best sewer of uniforms the prison ever had. I believe something happened in my dad’s life that he did not have an opportunity to be the man God made him to be just like Henry Lee Lucus and Otis Toole,if you read their tragic beginnings,they were never given a chance from the first, the beginning,day one 1.I believe they just didn’t know any better,they were products of their environment,nobody believed in them and most of all both had “Generation Curses” on them. At least one of them got a second changed when he met Jesus,and the proof is in the pudding what happens when we meet Him.

As for my father,yes he did go to prison,because of me,he never paid the child support for me,but my mother loved me enough to work 2 jobs to support me. What a precious gift from God she is to me. But,still I just know that if my dad had known Jesus he would have thrived and not have had women beat him up and people rob him blind,he would have mounted up with eagles and soared,because I detect now how very spiritual he was after doing some investigation of what he was like and putting 2 and 2 together,besides encountering him a few times. But for some reason women frightened him and controlled him.I detect the Jezebel spirit. My dad and mom were almost always apart,so I believe there were some harlots in his life.Again we can learn from history about what happens when we go to the Father,repent of our sins and live for Him when we read about Henri Lee Lucus. God is merciful and full of grace,but we got to be willing to repent and change.

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Some Christmas decorations

Some Christmas decorations.

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I’ve found my dad’s sound.

My dad sprinkled a little love all around.
I’ve found his sound.
His throat was parched and no sound was found.
Hearing pavement pound.
Looking for love in the wrong direction.
Living in poverty section.
Didn’t have a penny to his name.
Yet had fame.
Talking to the Lord till his throat hurt,yet going on despite the pain.
Evje knew there was much to gain.
I’ve found my dad’s sound at long last.
As God forgives me for my sin’s past.
My dad,pabbi did God honor and obey.
And followed order saying “OK”.
How I love my dad today.
“Won’t you please come home and cook?”
He took the rook.
Beating my brother in chess.
Oh what a game despite having less!
He dreamt of playing with an Electric Toy Truck a Rig so great.
And finding a suitable match mate.
It’s never too late.
Honor your father and your fate will be mate, made.
There was a shy little boy inside the man.
That only God satisfy can.

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My dad survived an electric shock.

My dad was electrocuted and lived,he really did. That is the most popular story to talk about in our family,we constantly discuss and scrutinize it,marveling at it and how it could have happened and brag about our dad,my brothers especially,to them our dad is a hero because of his super strength,to have an electric currency surge throughout his body and survive it without any harm, is a miracle of God. I know now that’s what it was,it wasn’t time for my dad to go. I wonder if I was not born yet? God sure works in mysterious ways. I sure am glad for having such a strong,super healthy man for a father. He should have lived longer though as his dad lived to be 84,his mom 93 and his two sisters over 80, Aunt Magga was 84,she ministered to me when I needed her most right before her death in 2006,she was very spiritual and healthy as a horse throughout her life,despite having diabetes.When my dad dad he was cremated and there was nothing wrong with his whole body despite he smoking and being a full fledged alcholic.He died of a bleeding on the brain. But I know was was beaten up on regular bases,that’s what I hear,but never witnessed it myself.Anyway,I’ve got to get the story straight,correct and in details about my dad survivng an electric shock that would for sure have killed any ordinary man,but not Evje.

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I despise many kinds of fake people

I despise many kinds of fake people.

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My dad sprinkled a little love all around.

He came over with a smile.
You could see him glow from a mile.
So spiritual,so beautiful both inside and out.
I should be from he being sent kat=happy.
Instead I thought euwww get away from me you are not worthy of me never seeing his true beauty.
I with an upturned nose acted snooty.
And missed God big time because of having the spirit of arrogance getting in the way.
I hissed attan svei=you stupid worthless piece of junk a loose translation.
That’s about what it amounts to in my former nation.
You scum of the earth,you dirty Viking.
You’re not to my liking.
God sent him to us.
And I gave him the Judas koss=kiss.
Far in the distance I would see the Light.
In all His slendor after much fight.
If only I could see my dad again and be given another chance.
My father Evje what a Mench!
Now evening has come I’m facing the truth and it’s ugly.
Shortsightness as in 10 Moore Douhghly.
It was Julie Andrews not Bo Derek that wa a 10.
Like my father who was a real man.
Athlectic, well built,strong,healthy, sturdy,hardy as they come.
Olympic material it about sums.
If he had been given a chance.
But the movement of God he could sense.
I could have so loved on him now if only I could see him again.
My dad a ten.
Born in 18 and dying at 72 in 19-91.
He was No artist con.
Never on purpose hurting a soul.
But jumping using a pole.
High up he would go.
Flying in the spirit never low.
Sprinkling a little love all around.
A finer man cannot be found.
I’m grateful to God to open up the eyes of my understanding.
And not be limited and shallow but landing.

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Dead ,Dad.

I don’t know if my dad is or in heaven above and fine.
He’s a dad of mine.
I hope to see him again.
Crying as I this pen.
I didn’t know I would never see him again way back when I was 28.
I’ve got to ask him to forgive me,I hope it’s not too late.
I dishonored him so when God sent him to see me and his grandson who bore his dad’s name.
I was the one lame.
I can see my dad as so spiritual that he heard God to come over to exactly us to talk.
He didn’t know me,but the Rok=a gust of Wind blowing where He may.
My dad obeyed without delay.
How I love him today.