Posted by: Krystal Bell | June 17, 2011

My dad survived an electric shock.

My dad was electrocuted and lived,he really did. That is the most popular story to talk about in our family,we constantly discuss and scrutinize it,marveling at it and how it could have happened and brag about our dad,my brothers especially,to them our dad is a hero because of his super strength,to have an electric currency surge throughout his body and survive it without any harm, is a miracle of God. I know now that’s what it was,it wasn’t time for my dad to go. I wonder if I was not born yet? God sure works in mysterious ways. I sure am glad for having such a strong,super healthy man for a father. He should have lived longer though as his dad lived to be 84,his mom 93 and his two sisters over 80, Aunt Magga was 84,she ministered to me when I needed her most right before her death in 2006,she was very spiritual and healthy as a horse throughout her life,despite having diabetes.When my dad dad he was cremated and there was nothing wrong with his whole body despite he smoking and being a full fledged alcholic.He died of a bleeding on the brain. But I know was was beaten up on regular bases,that’s what I hear,but never witnessed it myself.Anyway,I’ve got to get the story straight,correct and in details about my dad survivng an electric shock that would for sure have killed any ordinary man,but not Evje.


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