Posted by: Krystal Bell | June 17, 2011

My dad sprinkled a little love all around.

He came over with a smile.
You could see him glow from a mile.
So spiritual,so beautiful both inside and out.
I should be from he being sent kat=happy.
Instead I thought euwww get away from me you are not worthy of me never seeing his true beauty.
I with an upturned nose acted snooty.
And missed God big time because of having the spirit of arrogance getting in the way.
I hissed attan svei=you stupid worthless piece of junk a loose translation.
That’s about what it amounts to in my former nation.
You scum of the earth,you dirty Viking.
You’re not to my liking.
God sent him to us.
And I gave him the Judas koss=kiss.
Far in the distance I would see the Light.
In all His slendor after much fight.
If only I could see my dad again and be given another chance.
My father Evje what a Mench!
Now evening has come I’m facing the truth and it’s ugly.
Shortsightness as in 10 Moore Douhghly.
It was Julie Andrews not Bo Derek that wa a 10.
Like my father who was a real man.
Athlectic, well built,strong,healthy, sturdy,hardy as they come.
Olympic material it about sums.
If he had been given a chance.
But the movement of God he could sense.
I could have so loved on him now if only I could see him again.
My dad a ten.
Born in 18 and dying at 72 in 19-91.
He was No artist con.
Never on purpose hurting a soul.
But jumping using a pole.
High up he would go.
Flying in the spirit never low.
Sprinkling a little love all around.
A finer man cannot be found.
I’m grateful to God to open up the eyes of my understanding.
And not be limited and shallow but landing.


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