Posted by: Krystal Bell | June 16, 2011

Dead ,Dad.

I don’t know if my dad is or in heaven above and fine.
He’s a dad of mine.
I hope to see him again.
Crying as I this pen.
I didn’t know I would never see him again way back when I was 28.
I’ve got to ask him to forgive me,I hope it’s not too late.
I dishonored him so when God sent him to see me and his grandson who bore his dad’s name.
I was the one lame.
I can see my dad as so spiritual that he heard God to come over to exactly us to talk.
He didn’t know me,but the Rok=a gust of Wind blowing where He may.
My dad obeyed without delay.
How I love him today.



  1. I know the feeling of being torn apart between the past and the present. The desperate desire to be able to go back and change things. The unknown feeling of guilt, and dissatisfaction when you never had the chance to say how you really feel……

    • I’d like to hear your story Anjita. But we can do things to make up for it,it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf. Getting to know the truth is the beef of the matter. I didn’t know my father was so spiritual and he heard God,but his sister was and she has always been my role model,it’s a total contrast between the two how I felt about them,and to think there was only one or two years between them they had to have been close growing up.

      • Actually after doing some research on the Internet I found out that my dad was 4 years older than my Aunt Magga or Margret Markusdottir Jones,San Diego,California,USA and Granpa 11 years younger than Grandma.I also found out on the Intenet that my dad’s other sister Arnbjorg Markusdottir looked just like my sister Erla except she’s dark like Granpa. My dad was the only one with the name Granpa gave him in the history of Iceland or Sigurd Evje Markusson,so it’s easy to find anything about him on the Internet. I just Googled his name and Morgunbladid and voila. I found out for example that in 1989 it looks like he is married.

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